Eewy Scalp Psoriasis

Warning: parts of this post may gross you out. But we’re gonna get real and I’m putting it all out there. You are not alone.

Okay for those of you like me with Scalp Psoriasis, its embarrassing to go to the hair dresser and have dandruff on your clothing.

I got “diagnosed” or found out (I don’t like to say that word because it seems too harsh a word) that I had Scalp Psoriasis last July.
I have been dealing with this stuff for awhile now; I know not as long as others have but I am just beginning this journey to solve my psoriasis the natural healthy way.
Before I tell you what I do, please note that I am not a licensed or certified doctor in any way.
These are the things that have helped me deal with my scalp psoriasis, personally.
Please consult your doctor or a physician before trying anything.
We’ll start from the beginning:
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