15 simple and effective strategies to use in the classroom for students diagnosed with (ADHD)

Differentiation is something every teacher integrates into their classroom. As all teachers know, it’s not an easy job to differentiate learning; considering that there are all types of learners. Most classrooms have a unique blend of gifted learners, English Language Learners, students with special needs, and students at different reading levels to consider. Each child is a unique and an individual learner whose learning styles we must take into consideration! That being said, students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder should be given accommodations as well. Here are some easy to implement strategies for active students:

  1. Incorporate more problem-based and student-based learning into lesson plans. Focus less on the lecture and more on students accomplishing something! Think-Pair-Sharesand KWL charts are great too to keep students busy and engaged!
  1. Use music and movement into your lessons! Why not find an educational song on YouTube and boogie a little? It’s fun, and a catchy tune can sometimes help students remember important facts! I just used a song on animal adaptations in the classroom and it was stuck in my head for the rest of the week (that part wasn’t fun but I could recite at least four different adaptations from just one listen!)
  1. Students need a solid routine. Make sure you announce activities before they begin and give 5 minute warnings.
  1. Even though some teachers withhold recess as a behavior consequence (I really dislike using this method in general) don’t let this student miss out on a recess!
  1. REPETITON REPETITION REPETITION! In order for the routine to stick, students need to practice it over and over! Especially with younger elementary students.
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